The passion for music, he began listening to hardcore and attending the underground scene.

    In 2009, kicked off its first trials live, techno, playing both in legal parties and free parties.

    Host of OZOMATLI SHOW every Monday evening.

    Co-founder of the project Loungesquatt Organization, became promoter and party maker between Milan and Berlin.

    His techno tracks are influenced by mental, psychedelic, hypnotic and experimental sounds.

    In recent years he has played alongside various european and international artists in the underground scene and not, such as: Len Faki, Gary Beck, Rebekah, Laura Jones, Neverdogs, Chris Liberator, Henry Cullen aka Dave the Drummer, Lawrie Immersion, Rachel Rackitt, Jerome Hill, Rob Stow, Dj Zebedee, Francesco ZappalĂ , Mad Alba and many others.


    He has performed in Italy, Germany, England and Morocco.



    Milan: Dude club, Leoncavallo, Bitte, Phat

    Bergamo: Bolgia

    Cuneo: Shock

    Berlin: Loftus Hall, Subland, Loophole

    London: Life club

    and others in the underground scene.


    MayDay Parade 2010 Milan
    Artes 2013 Milan Street Parade


    Labels: Let’s techno records, Simplecoding recordings, Underground (Media Records), Techno vinyls records, Jambalay records, SMR Underground, Mephyst, Technological records, Gobekli Tepe, Mechanic & Tropic, Physical techno recordings, Audiotech, Ilisho records, Subwoofer Records, Brachial Kontakt, Dope, Terminus Audio, Banm Records, 7teen Records, Twisted Recordings, Labrynth, Infected Audio, Spinne Records, Wonder Works Recordings, Abstinence Records, Solid Groove Records, Under Noize, HDR Limit, Oxytech Records, New Era Tunes Records.

    Netlabels: Ephedrina, TypeKonnection